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Funding Your Case

Litigation Funding

We are now able to provide a payment plan facility whereby you pay the amount you can afford every month with interest rates that are competitive to normal loan rates. An agreement can be made between yourself and the finance company providing the payment plan facility whether you want to pay the loan off in full upon settlement of your case or whether you would prefer to continue to make monthly payments until the loan is discharged up to a maximum period of 5 years.


Fixed Fees

Initial Advice

We charge £100 plus VAT ( £120.00) for a face to face initial appointment with our Principal Solicitor, Debra Stevens, which will last approximately 1 hour. You are not obliged to instruct us as your solicitors after the appointment as you may just want some advice to know where you stand in relation to your separation. Following this appointment we will be able to provide you with an accurate cost estimate for your case, including our fixed fee work.


We charge a fixed fee of £650 plus VAT (£780) for acting as your solicitors in the divorce. This includes all preparation work, advice and attendance upon you and filing of documents at court including the divorce petition. If you paid for this work to be carried out on our hourly rate the cost to you would be approximately £1500.00 . If you are a Petitioner in the divorce proceedings there is a court fee of £410.00 payable to the Court when the proceedings are issued. However, if you are on amicable terms with your ex then you may agree to share this fee between you. This fee is not part of Reeds Family Law Solicitors fixed fee and you will be asked for the fee when we issue the divorce proceedings. The total cost of your legal fees for the divorce if undefended will therefore be:

Solicitors Legal Fees: £650
VAT: £130
Court Fees: £550
Total: £1330

*Please note that if your divorce is defended or personal service of the divorce proceedings is required this is extra work. We may also need to attend court and defend the proceedings on your behalf or there is an issue as to costs and a court appointment is necessary which you wish to be represented. In any of the above circumstances a fee will be agreed with you for this extra work. However, court appointments in straightforward divorce cases are rare.


The initial Mediation information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is £100 plus VAT. Following that, the Mediation Meetings are £300 plus VAT for each party per meeting.


Our Fees

Debra Stevens – £210.00 Plus VAT per hour

You will be billed for any costs incurred on your case at the end of each month and our payment terms are 7 days.


Debra Stevens

Director, Head of Family Law

Chloe Pitts

P.A to Debra Stevens

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