Barristers bring an independent perspective to the case and are trained to conduct complex court hearings

We are often asked why we use barristers rather than just representing the client at court ourselves. Barristers have different training and expertise to solicitors. They bring an independent perspective to the case and are trained to conduct complex court hearings, in particular the final hearing when the Judge will make the final decision. It is their job to conduct hearings and advise on points of law. The solicitor’s role is to advise upon the law, take instructions from clients, complete the legal paperwork, take statements and conduct all interim hearings and negotiations.

In terms of costs using a barrister may seem more expensive, however, due to the fact that they work on fixed fees it can often save you money by using them instead of your solicitor attending court. They are also expert litigators which means that you are paying for the best possible service by the most highly trained and knowledgeable barristers. Solicitors and barristers work together on cases. Your solicitor will therefore advise you if you need a barrister and introduce you to him or her.

Whilst barristers are self employed practitioners they are an essential part of our team and are employed on a job by job basis at a fixed fee. We work closely with barristers on all our cases who we trust to deliver fantastic results at court. We have therefore negotiated preferential rates for our clients for their services.

For further information regarding the barristers who we work with please see our ‘Case of the Month’ download within our Resources section.


Debra Stevens

Director, Head of Family Law

Chloe Pitts

P.A to Debra Stevens

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