Welcome to the new Reeds Family Law Solicitors newsletter!

A lot has been going on here at Reeds so we wanted to keep your in the loop and share our new and exciting updates with you.

Each week we will be sending out a newsletter which will include relevant legal updates and information on different family legal issues that people are often faced with on separation.

We hope that this will help you gain a better understanding of the legal and practical issues that arise during the breakdown of relationships and also show what we can do for you to make the whole process easier on your family.


New Office Opened

We are very excited to announce the opening of our new office in York city centre at 18 Blake Street.

Due to a significant increase of our client base within the North Yorkshire area we took the opportunity to expand our firm in order to become more accessible to our clients in this area.


Website Launch

Our brand new website launches today!

We have put a lot of love and hard work into the development of our new look websites which go ‘live’ today.


We would welcome any feedback from you on our new websites so if you could take a moment to check these out we would really appreciate your input.

Don’t forget you can also connect with us on Facebook (Reeds Family Law Solicitors) and Twitter (@reedssolicitors)


Tip of the Week

If you make the difficult decision to leave the matrimonial home on the breakdown of your relationship you should agree with your spouse how to divide the contents of the property and be sure to take what is yours with you. Although it may seem like an amicable split at first we often find that once the divorce proceedings begin and your separation becomes permanent that things become significantly more acrimonious. This frequently leaves one party unwilling to co-operate with the other regarding their belongings. So always make sure you don’t leave things too late!

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