We advise our clients on the most cost and tax effective solutions

It is often assumed, wrongly, that any business interests, owned by one partner or owned jointly, do not form part of the marital pot. In many cases, they do. Equally, it is often assumed that the business will have to be sold once the relationship has broken down. In most cases, it does not. We are highly experienced in dealing with relationship breakdown where businesses and business assets are involved.

We advise our clients on the most cost and tax effective solution, taking into account your personal situation and settlement arrangements. We consider trading profit, assets and liquidity in order to achieve a fair settlement, rather than forcing a sale. Whether in joint names or in the sole name of one partner, the business interest may form an important element of the ‘overall pot’ and is often the main source of future income, so we give this issue very careful consideration.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen who expect to be able to regulate their private asset ownership in the same way as their business, would often like to be able to set up a contract to enable this to be done. Our clients frequently have investment portfolios including property in the UK and abroad. We regularly advise couples with assets well in excess of £1 million and create fair, workable divorce settlements based on their specific needs.

We can also advise discretely on the resilience and effectiveness of UK and international trust structures and other corporate/property structures to subsequent divorce in England.


Debra Stevens

Director, Head of Family Law

Chloe Pitts

P.A to Debra Stevens

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