Family Mediation is a process where an independent third party helps parties to try and reach an agreement  

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 Family Mediation is a process where an independent third party (the mediator) helps parties with a dispute to try and reach an agreement. The couple with the dispute, not the mediator decide whether they can resolve the issues resulting from the breakdown of their relationship. Essentially, the mediator facilitates a discussion between the parties but does not give legal advice during the meetings. You are therefore expected to have your own solicitor to advise you during the mediation process. These issues usually relate to children, finances, and who (if the couple is married or in a civil partnership) is going to issue Divorce/Dissolution proceedings.

Mediation reduces the pain of family breakdown because it

Reduces tension and hostility;

Helps you make informed decisions that are right for your circumstances;

Keeps communication channels open;

Saves the cost of expensive court battles;

Helps children by showing parents working together to resolve issues.

Here at Reeds Family Law Solicitors, Debra Stevens has been a mediator for more than 20 years and has mediated  successfully with over 3000 couples. Debra holds every accreditation in mediation and is one of the most experienced and sought after mediators in the UK who provides excellent service and value for money.

The MIAM appointment is charged on a fixed fee. The cost is £100 plus VAT (£120). If you wish to make an appointment, send an email to or call 01924 201001. We also offer this service in York too, call 01924 202122 to book an appointment today.


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