Barristers bring an independent perspective to the case and are trained to conduct complex court hearings.

Judges Hammer

We are often asked why we use barristers.  Barristers and Solicitors work as a team, particularly on complex cases. Barristers have different and complementary skills, expertise and training to solicitors.They bring an independent perspective to the case and their day to day practice is representing clients in court and providing advice on complex points of law.  They do not prepare your case or complete legal paperwork.This is the role solicitors.  

Together, as a team, Solicitors and Barristers achieve the best results for you through the combination of their skills. Barristers are trained to conduct complex court hearings,  in particular the final hearing when the judge will make the decision that will become legally binding upon you.

The solicitor’s role is to advise upon the law, take instructions from you, complete all preparation of documents and  legal paperwork, take statements and conduct all interim hearings and negotiations.

In terms of cost, using a barrister may seem like an unnecessary additional expense but the opposite is true due to the fact they work on fixed fees.

We work closely with barristers as a team on all of our cases which results in us obtaining  fantastic results for you at court and in negotiations.

If you want the best representation, call us on 01924 201001 (Wakefield) 01904 202122 (York).   

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